Dog Dynamix Training Contract
RULES & REGULATIONS- please read carefully, your satisfaction may depend on it! 

***You will need Internet and Email access to be a part of this dog training program. 

 - Payment:   Full payment is due on the first session.  If other arrangements have been made, payment is due at the time services are rendered.  We accept cash, visa, mastercard, and checks.  Please make checks payable to the trainer or behaviorist you are training with. 

 There is a $30 fee for all makeup sessions.  .
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Posting questions here allows others who are training to get additional information, even if they're not in your class - they may have similar questions.   This also allows more teaching time for your trainer during class.  You can also use this yahoo group to discuss your assignments with other Dog Dynamix clients, and to schedule times to work with each other in the real world. 

 - To review written training lessons:   Each session, you will be emailed a link to locate the appropriate lesson file(s).  Find your dog's name in the list and click the listed lesson file.  Be fair to your dog - don't skip ahead on lessons.  Our program is structured so that each new skill builds on the one before it.   

 - Crate training information, if needed, can be found at: 

- Dog’s Age:  Dogs must be at least 12 weeks old to begin training. 

 - Shots:  Dogs must have current vaccines (or current titers), including current rabies shot (if old enough for rabies shot). And proof of vaccination is required at first training session. 
 *Dogs must be immunized against Bordetella (kennel cough).   
- Trainee’s Age: Trainees between 14 and 16 years of age must have a parent attending all classes.   For trainees 18 years or under, parent must sign commitment form and contract and liability release form.  Children under 10 are not allowed in the training facility.  Children under 14 are not allowed to handle dogs in the training facility. 

 - Liability:  The person(s) signing or replying to this contract will be responsible for any and all damage and/or injury caused by his/her dog.   The person(s) signing or replying to this contract understands that we will take all reasonable safety precautions in working with him/her and his/her dog, but that dog training can be a physical activity with physical risks.  The person(s) signing or replying to this contract releases Dog Dynamix and its agents from any and all liabilities regarding the heath and safety of themselves and their dogs. 

 - Canine Etiquette:  Disruptive dogs who are training in semi-private classes will be allowed to attend up to the first 3 classes, at the trainer's discretion.  If the disruption continues, or is deemed detrimental, these dogs will be dismissed and transferred to private training until the issues are resolved.  Cost for private training is $85 per session. 

 - Handlers:   Only the person(s) applying for training will be permitted to handle the dog on leash.   Additional family members may AUDIT classes.  Disruptive observers will be asked to leave the facility. 

 - Attire/Shoes:  Casual Attire and Tennis shoes with soles that grip are best.  Trainees with improper shoes won't be allowed to train in class. 

- Equipment:   Required equipment will be used at each lesson; handlers without proper equipment may be asked to leave.   NO EXCEPTIONS.  The required equipment includes: 

Most dogs will be working in traditional training collars, commonly known as 'slip collars.'  Proper fit is a must.  For help with proper fit and putting on the collar, click here:  how to put on your training collar
- To order Prong training collars, go to: and order the size you are given by your canine trainer.   Note:  Not all dogs will require these collars, this link is ONLY provided for those who are instructed to use this type of collar by their canine trainer. 
Note:  We only endorse Herm Sprenger prong collars.  Other collars may cause harm, or break open at inopportune moments, causing your dog to escape.  We only recommend fitting the collar as seen here:
All dogs prescribed a prong collar MUST utilize a backup slip collar for safety.
If your instructor requires that you use a dominant dog collar, you can order them here:   Be sure you measure correctly and use the sizing chart on the website.    

2.  6 foot leather or nylon leash (NO EXCEPTIONS - NO 4 foot leashes) 

 3.  12 foot leash, or two 6 foot leashes.  (NO retractable leashes!) 

 4.  E-collar as needed (only for those dogs signed up for remote-collar training
 - Security:  No dog may be left unattended at any time.  Dogs must enter and exit the facility ON LEASH.   

 - Children:  Children under the age of 10 are not allowed in the training facility .  Additionally, disruptive observers of any age will be asked to leave the facility. 

 - Cell Phones/Pagers: Please turn off all cell phones, pagers, and other electronic devices before beginning class.   

 - Elimination:  Dogs who need to eliminate cannot concentrate!  Please make sure your dog has ‘pottied’ before entering the facility.  Waste bags are available if you have forgotten yours.  Please be considerate of our neighbors...their lawns are not your dog's personal toilet.  TIP:  Do not feed your dog for 2 hours before coming to class.  
NOTE:  Please be considerate of our neighbors.  Only use the area directly behind the training studio as an elimination area for your dogs.   There is a scoop and bucket available for your use at our back door. 

- Inclement Weather:  If there is a snow storm, it is possible that training and training sessions will be canceled.  If you are unsure of whether class will be held, call (720) 500-2525.  If we are unable to make it to class, there will be an outgoing message stating classes are canceled for the day. 

 - Appointment Times:  During training sessions, the front door to the office will be locked or gated off, and a sign will be posted on the door indicating that we are in session, and no one will be allowed to enter. 

 Additionally, please don't show up too early for your appointments, as you may end up waiting in inclement weather. 

  Client Commitment Agreement
- Client commits to working with dog for a minimum of 20 minutes, twice a day, for at least 5 days of each week (separate fromsessions with Dog Dynamix, LLC). 
 - Client commits to respecting his/her own time, and the time of his/her instructor, by accomplishing the lessons assigned to each week, before coming to the next session. 
 - Client commits to calling or emailing the instructor if Client has problems, concerns, or questions – so that facility time is as productive as it can be. 
 - If Client has been unable to fulfill the required practice-time commitment, Client will postpone his or her next session by giving notice within reasonable time.  NOTE:  Because of our busy schedules, cancellations can sometimes result in an extended delay before we can see you again.   This is not recommended for the dog's learning process, so please keep cancellations to a minimum.  There is a $30 fee for all makeup sessions. 
- Client commits to using exclusively the techniques learned through Dog Dynamix, LLC during training with Dog Dynamix, LLC. 
 - Client commits to maintaining good dog handling techniques with dog for a minimum of three 20 minute sessions per week upon completion of training with Dog Dynamix, LLC. 
 - Client understands that failure to follow through on any of the above commitments will greatly reduce the results of our time together and render null and void any guarantees, written, verbal, or implied. 

THIS CONTRACT is made and entered into by and between Dog Dynamix, LLC (and/or any contract, associate, or apprentice trainer associated with Dog Dynamix, LLC) and the “Client” (replying recipient of this email). 

It is agreed by the parties to this agreement that: 
Following the preliminary evaluation, should Client and Dog Dynamix, LLC agree that further Services are required, a schedule and regular fees for Services agreeable to both will be set and followed; and said schedule and fees for Services shall be subject to the guidelines set down in this agreement. 

 Dog Dynamix, LLC reserves the right to refuse Services to Client at our discretion, with or without notice; and

 Dog Dynamix, LLC shall charge a $20.00 cancellation fee in addition to the regular fee for any appointment canceled by Client less than 24 hours before said appointment; and a $40.00 canceled check fee for any returned check; and  

Dog Dynamix, LLC shall wait 20 minutes from the start of the set appointment time to allow for traffic or other transit problems.  After said 20 minutes has passed, the session is considered canceledwithout-notice, and full charges for the scheduled service will apply; and
 If, through no fault of Dog Dynamix, LLC, a specific training session is canceled more than two times, Dog Dynamix, LLC reserves the right to suspend or discontinue training with the Client, or to charge our minimum individual session fee of $85.00/session for continued training, at our discretion; and

 Each level of training must be completed in the specified period, which is generally double the amount of sessions purchased, plus 2 weeks.  For Clients who fail to complete training in the specified period, Dog Dynamix, LLC reserves the right to discontinue future training, or to charge our minimum individual session fee of $85.00/session for continued training, at our discretion; and

 If, through no fault of Dog Dynamix, LLC, the Services contracted for by Client cannot be completed, Dog Dynamix LLC will provide credit to Client for training services already paid for but not yet received.  However, Dog Dynamix, LLC will NOT refund any portion of money paid.  The credit which Client will receive will entitle Client to receive training for the dog or substitute dog, and this credit is fully transferable; and

 Dog Dynamix reserves the right to transfer to a shelter or rescue dog any monetary or timecredit that is not used, or transferred and used, within 90 days of the time limitations listed above; and

 Client understands that dog training is a physical activity.  Although Dog Dynamix, LLC will use all reasonable care to teach you and your dog safe training methods, Client shall not hold Dog Dynamix, LLC liable for any personal injury, or injury to their dog during or after completing training.   
 Dog Dynamix, LLC is not liable for the dog’s performance.  Although Dog Dynamix, LLC will use allreasonable care, in a reasonable manner, to train and/or counsel Client’s dog, Dog Dynamix, LLC cannotguarantee that the dog will respond adequately to all commands at all times.

The effectiveness of the completed training program depends upon many factors over which Dog Dynamix, LLC has no control.  Such factors include, but are not limited to, the future health of the dog, the frequency and effectiveness of training reinforcement which Client must give the dog, and the degree of respect which Client instills in the dog. Client agrees that Dog Dynamix, LLC will not be liable for any damage or loss resulting from the dog’s failure to respond to any command(s) or behavior modification for which Dog Dynamix, LLC counseled the dog; and

 Should Client’s dog injure any person, or should the dog’s failure to respond to any command(s) result in damage to the property or person of any person (including Client), Client agrees to absolve Dog Dynamix, LLC from any and all obligations and to pay any such damage to such person.  Client further agrees to hold Dog Dynamix, LLC harmless from any and all such claims; and

 Due to the hazards of working with animals of varying temperaments, Client shall be advised that Dog Dynamix agents may use physical force in the form of spray deterrents and/or stun or tazer devices on Client's dog, should Client's dog aggressively attack any dog or person while on the premises.  While the deterrent devices used are not designed to cause lasting harm, Client recognizes harm or even death could result, and Client absolves Dog Dynamix, LLC and its representatives of any liability or fault, should any harm come to Client's dog as a result of our use of attack-deterrent devices. 

 This written CONTRACT constitutes the entire agreement between Dog Dynamix, LLC and Client and may not be changed except by a writing signed by Dog Dynamix, LLC and Client. 

 Client has read the above CONTRACT and AGREES TO ITS TERMS.   

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