Sit Correction: at each stop when heeling, you will still slide down the leash, but keep BOTH left
& right hands low on the leash.  Stay LOOSE on that leash!  Give the verbal 'sit' command and count ti 2 in your
head. If the dog doesn’t sit after the 2 count, correct immediately (short, sharp correction
straight up
).  DO NOT REPEAT THE ‘SIT’ COMMAND.  You said it once, since the dog didn't
respond, you're correcting it, no need to repeat the command.  When the dog sits, praise and repeat any time the dog doesn't sit.   


Down correction:  Face your dog's right side from the heel position.  Your left foot should be even with the dog's
right front leg, your right foot should be slightly forward.  Slide both hands down the leash to about 6 inches from
the collar (as if preparing to give a sit correction).  Chop hands toward your left big toe.  The motion should be a swift
movement aimed at the ground.