Prerequisite - Stand for Exam Pt 1, touch pads, positions on touch pad

1. Ask your dog to stand on their touch pad and move your body into heel position. With your dog in a sit, cue the stand (use a food lure if necessary).

2. Mark and reward the correct response with your duration marker, Good. Use your stay cue/hand gesture and step away from your dog with your right foot and turn and face them. For the first several repetitions, remain close to, and facing your dog. Use your duration marker (and rewards) to encourage stability.

3. Enlist a 'helper' to act as your judge. Have your helper walk and stand next to the dog (no eye contact, no touching, no talking), pause, and then walk away. Use your duration marker (and rewards) so long as the dog remains in the stand position on the touch pad.

4. Return to heel position, pause, and then release with a YES marker.

Repeat this process with as many helpers as you can find!