Test items: 4 points each (90% required to move to next level)

1. Settle - within 5 minutes of handler being seated in training center, dog must lay down at your feet.


2. Leave it - as learned in your initial consultation, treat in your hand or tossed on floor.


3. Wait - at the doorway. Dog must sit and wait until released through the door.


4. Heel with distraction - dog and handler will heel towards a distraction, and demonstrate that the dog will turn with the handler away from the distraction (from about midway in the training center)


5. Sit - dog must sit when asked upon coming to a halt during heel.


6. Down Pt 2 - with assistance (leash pressure) is ok.


7. Recall - formal. Handler leaves dog and goes to the end of the six foot leash, calls and dog comes to sit in front of handler.


8. One minute sit stay - on a six foot leash


9. Sit stay with distraction – dog sits next to owner and a distraction is presented



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