Dog Obedience Classes

Our dog training class offerings are a step above the rest when it comes to customer service, attention to detail, and most importantly, results. Large and chaotic group classes provide very little individual attention from the instructor or dog trainer, or time to practice. For this reason we only offer small group classes, with no more than 5 dogs per class. During the class each dog and owner will receive one-on-one coaching, with the opportunity to practice around other dogs and people in a controlled, fun environment. 

All of our dog trainers at Dog Dynamix undergo rigorous training. They have each apprenticed under experienced trainers, and handled hundreds (and sometimes even thousands) of individual dogs before we entrust them to give the best information and dog training service to our clients.

During each dog training session, we have three goals in mind:

  1. We want our clients to see results

  2. We want our clients to have fun training their dog

  3. We want the client and their dog to improve their relationship and strengthen their bond through communication and respect.


All classes meet weekly for one hour

The Dynamic Dog - Level 1

  • Leave it -Don't touch that food, squirrel, cat, dog etc.

  • Wait - at doors, to come out of the kennel or car

  • Walk - On a loose leash, at your side

  • Sit - the first time, every time

  • Down - lie down

  • Stay - sit stay

  • Come - come to the handler and sit

This program will teach your dog these commands the first time you say it, in a normal tone of voice, without a 'bribe', and under distraction. You will wonder how you ever lived with a dog any other way. This program is appropriate for adult dogs and puppies 12 weeks or older.

Duration: 6 Weeks   |   Cost: $227   |   Limited to 5 dogs per class |   Includes leash and collar


Beyond Obedience - Level 2

This program is designed to take your dog to the next level towards off-leash obedience. In addition to all the commands listed in the Dynamic Dog Program, your dog will learn:

  • Go to your bed - A long down stay on the dog's bed

  • Stand - stand still

  • Polite greetings - Sit to be petted, NO jumping

  • Advanced Recall - At a greater distance, under heavy distraction

  • Advanced Stays - At a greater distance, under heavy distraction

  • This program dramatically increases distance from the handler and level of distractions.

Graduation or testing out of the Dynamic Dog program (level 1) is required. The group class meets for one hour, the same time and day, each week.

Duration: 6 Weeks   |   Cost: $210   |   Limited to 5 dogs per class   |   Equipment Required - 6ft leash, long lines and place cot


Unleashed - Level 3

This program focuses on true off-leash obedience, even under intense distractions. This program is a must for the outdoor enthusiast who wants to take their dog camping, hiking, or to run freely without worrying if their dog will obey them when the highest levels of distraction present themselves. Dogs must be graduates of the Beyond Obedience. The group class meets for one hour, the same time and day each week.

Duration: 6 Weeks   |   Cost: $210   |   Limited to 5 dogs   |   Private and group lessons available


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*Classes that fall on a Holiday weekend will skip that week, and a class will be added to the end of the 6-week session.

Our Denver dog training services tackle a variety of issues, including but not limited to:

house training | selective listening | puppy socialization | leash pulling | over-excitement

jumping, nipping, and mouthing | inappropriate chewing | counter surfing | bolting through doors | 

begging for food | respecting boundaries | lack of socialization | separation anxiety | leash aggression | 

not coming when called | preparing for a new baby | fear-based behavior