Boarding and Day Camp

This is Denver's new and improved version of doggy daycare. Your dog will spend their stay brushing up on obedience skills you have been working on, learning calm behavior in the house, getting fresh air and exercise outdoors, and engaging in proper socialization with other dogs (if appropriate). Day camp and boarding are only available to clients who have trained with us. We have a limited number of spaces to ensure that your dog gets the time and attention it deserves, so advanced booking is required.

*This service is only available to current or past clients of Dog Dynamix.

Day campers and boarding dogs will enjoy lots of exercise and playtime, plus learn continue their valuable obedience skills such as:

Leave it   |   Wait   |   Kennel   |   Leash manners

Come   |   Sit   |   Down   |   Stay

Day Camp: $50 per day per dog

Overnight Boarding: $65 per night

Drop off and Pick up hours are 7:30am to 10am OR 4pm to 7:30pm. Please let us know your anticipated window of arrival and departure.