Our programs provide you with everything you need to achieve consistent obedience to your commands, and a relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

Our programs aim to enhance the quality of life with your dog. After completing training with us you will enjoy:

  • Walking your dog without pulling or lunging

  • Calling your dog and getting an immediate response

  • Gaining control while still having a positive relationship with your dog

  • Having the confidence that you can control your dog in distracting environments, even off leash

  • The ability to control acts of aggression, and keep your dog neutral in public

If you are struggling with any of the above issues, our programs are for you!


Why Board and Train?

Adding a dog to your life is supposed to be fun! If taking your dog hiking, or to public spaces, sounds more like a nightmare than a dream, Board and Train is for you.

Time is of the essence - Most dog training classes last a minimum of 6 weeks, and in that time, barely cover leash walking. In addition, private dog training and group dog training classes require the owner to practice (daily) what they've learned in class that week. If your schedule gets busy, and you can't practice the training, your dog will fall behind and you won't meet your training goals. Dog training is all we do, and we love it! Our programs are designed to meet your training goals in a condensed period of time.

Our facility limits the number of dogs in our care. We limit the number of dogs per trainer to 4. Be sure to ask about dog to caretaker ratios if you’re shopping around!

Convenience - Do you need to find care for you dog for an upcoming vacation? Doesn’t it make sense for your dog to utilize that time learning good behaviors, instead of developing bad ones? Most boarding facilities are too full and busy to control barking, jumping, pulling on leash, and other nuisance behaviors.

Dog and Owner limitations - Some dogs require special handling or have behaviors that present a danger to the client or the public. Some clients might have mobility issues, or may be elderly and aren't physically capable of practicing the training techniques. Leave it to the pros. We will take excellent care of your dog and be sure that you get the training you need.

Board and Train is Perfect for New or Expecting Parents - Are you expecting? Or have you recently had the joy of  bringing your new baby home? Board and Train is the perfect place for your dog to learn obedience and baby-manners in a short amount of time. Let us give your dog the one-on-one attention it deserves, while allowing you to focus on establishing your routine with the new baby.

Our Board and Train programs are perfect for families who:

  • Cannot commit to group classes due to scheduling conflicts

  • Desire to have the training completed in less than six weeks

  • Are experiencing time sensitive issues, such as aggression, reactivity, or travel

  • Will be traveling or on vacation and would prefer their dogs boarding be productive

  • Want the work done by qualified professionals, in a timely manner

  • Are not physically capable of training their dogs due to mobility or strength limitations

During all of our board and train programs, your dog will get daily exercise, play time, socialization and training sessions. We take the dogs on field trips to expose them to all the Denver sights and sounds, and to proof their training in 'real-life' environments like parks, events, and hiking trails. All of our board and train options include trainer support and follow up visits. We want you to feel confident that you can maintain the training for the life of your dog, and that we are here for you.


Boarding and Training Programs

Our programs come with EVERYTHING you need to maintain the training for the life of your dog. All of your obedience equipment is included in every program. We take the dogs on field trips to proof their training in 'every day' environments. Your dog will receive numerous training sessions each and every day with Denver's best dog trainers. Come see why Dog Dynamix is the best dog training in Denver.


The Dynamic Dog Program

The "Gold Standard" of dog training. This program is for dog owners who really want and need a bomb-proof dog that can respond immediately, and appropriately to any distraction in any environment. This 45 day program covers on-leash and true off-leash obedience. We take our Dynamic Dogs to train EVERYWHERE - restaurants, parks, events, gatherings, hiking, etc. Your dog will immediately respond to their name, go to their kennel, heel, leave it, wait, settle, sit, sit-stay, sit for polite greetings, down, down-stay, emergency down in motion, and go to their 'place,' a portable stay-station - That's 15 commands that will be followed on or off leash. The Dynamic Dog Program includes your place cot, all necessary training equipment, 8 follow up lessons, lifetime email and phone support, and 4 FREE practice obedience classes. This progam is an appropriate program for dogs who are preparing for service work, or the avid outdoors person who likes to take their dog to congested public spaces, off-leash hiking, camping or other high distraction environments.

Summary: Your dog will be the epitome of etiquette after this course

Pre-requisites: Dogs must be at least 9 months old for this program

Minimum Duration: 45 days

Perks: All training equipment, 8 follow up lessons (1 in-home, 2 off-site, and 5 at our facility), and 4 practice lessons included

Cost: $3895 | 2nd dog same household $3695

The Colorado Companion

If you want to enjoy the activities that make Colorado special (the breweries, the slopes, the hiking, the camping, the GREAT OUTDOORS) this is the program for you. We teach your dog to walk at your side, kennel up, respond immediately to their name, sit and down on command, how to maintain a place stay, and to come when you call them, even with dog, people, or critter distractions. We take the dogs on regular excursions to proof their training in the same environments you need them to be well behaved.

Summary: Hit the trails, and be outward bound with the hound

Prerequisites: Dogs must be at least 6 months old for this program

Minimum Duration: 30 days

Perks: All training equipment, 3 follow up lessons (1 in-home, 1 off-site, and 1 at our facility), and 3 practice lessons included

Cost: $3195 | 2nd dog same household $2895


Off Leash Ready

Our 21 day training program that covers off-leash commands: name response, kennel training, no pulling on leash, sit, wait at doors, place stay, and recall, either on or off-leash. This program is great for the family dog that spends time at parks, family gatherings, evening walks or runs with their owner, and wants to enjoy the flexibility of being able to be off leash for chucking a tennis ball or Frisbee. This program includes a place cot, all necessary training equipment, and 3 follow up training sessions. This program is excellent for people who want a well behaved dog with basic obedience and a solid off-leash recall. 

Summary: Solid understanding of basic obedience commands and behaviors, with off-leash reliability

Prerequisites: Dogs must be at least 6 months old for this program

Minimum Duration: 21 days

Perks: All training equipment, and 3 follow up lessons included (1 off-site and two at our facility), and 2 free group practice classes

Cost: $2795 | 2nd dog same household $2595


Leash Manners

*On leash training only

A 14 day program that covers reliable on-leash commands:  Name response, crate training, no leash pulling, sit, leave it, and wait. The program includes all of your training equipment plus two private follow up lessons to teach you how to maintain the training and work on any problem solving you might need. If you have a good dog that simply needs some work on house and leash manners this program will definitely meet your needs. This is also the most popular option for people who are looking for boarding while they're on vacation or away on business trips.

Summary: Master basic command and behavior with your dog

Prerequisites: *Only for dogs ages 12 weeks to 6 months old

Minimum Duration: 14 days

Perks: All training equipment, and 2 private follow up lessons included at our facility, and 1 free group practice class

Cost: $1695 | 2nd dog same household $1495

Bootcamp - Behavior Modification

*REQUIRED for reactive dogs, aggressive dogs, or specific behavioral concerns (car chasing, separation anxiety, resource guarding, etc)

The Bootcamp addresses behavior issues related to separation anxiety, aggression, and reactivity (barking and lunging at other dogs or people). The curriculum is specifically developed to change your relationship with your dog and manage unwanted behaviors. This program focuses on addressing the behavioral concerns with the individual dog, while teaching obedience skills. Skills learned may vary. Emphasis will be on Heel, Sit, Recall and Bed Stays. Muzzle training may be included. The cost of the Bootcamp program includes a place cot, all necessary training equipment (including muzzle if necessary), and 3 follow up training sessions.

Summary: Address behavior concerns, and improve the relationship with the dog and handler.

Prerequisites: Dogs must be 6 months or older, and completed a behavioral assessment

Minimum Duration: 30 days

Perks: All training equipment, 3 follow up lessons included, and 2 free group practice classes

Cost: $3395 | 2nd dog same household $3195

*Bootcamp is required for aggression control 


The Puppy Program

*On leash training only

Designed for puppies under 12 weeks of age, this 14 day program specializes in teaching your puppy basic manners, crate training, focus and attention, and getting potty training started. We use motivational techniques that show the puppy how fun it is to learn and work with their handler. We teach the puppy that working for their handler becomes an enjoyable experience. Your puppy will learn leave it, wait, sit, a basic recall, and focus on the handler skills. Socialization is critical at this stage, so we take lots of field trips to all kinds of places (parks, restaurants, events etc) to be sure that your puppy has good experiences in new environments, around people and other dogs.

Summary: Get your puppy started on the right track

Minimum Duration: 14 days

Perks: All training equipment, and 1 private follow up lessons included

Cost: $1200


Boarding - Dog Dynamix Alumni Only

If your dog is currently enrolled in, or has graduated from, one of our programs, we would love to have them stay with us while you and your family are out of town. Boarding dogs receive refresher training sessions and play time, daily. The cost is $65 dollars per night for the first dog, and $55 dollars for each additional dog in the same household.

Overnight Boarding drop off and pick up time is between 7:30am and 10:30am, and 4:00pm and 7:30pm, 7 days a week.

Day Training - We offer our version of doggy daycare at Dog Dynamix, Monday through Friday (no weekends). Drop off and pick up time is between 7:30am and 10:30am, and 4:00pm and 7:30pm. Advanced reservations required.