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Boarding Contract

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Terms & Conditions of the Boarding, Bootcamp, and Stay and Train Programs

1. The client acknowledges and understands that they (the client) are responsible for following up with and maintaining the training of their pet so that the training (and improved behavior) completed by Dog Dynamix and/or Lisa Lucero and it's staff and/or affiliates will transfer to them.

2. Dog Dynamix will conduct daily behavior modification sessions with the client’s pet/s. Training session duration and frequency will be at the discretion of Dog Dynamix, and will likely occur in many short sessions throughout the day. Dog Dynamix will seek to maximize the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the training program. 

3. The client guarantees their pet(s) to be free of disease, parasites, and in good health during the period of service. The client’s pet(s) must be up-to-date with all vaccinations, including Rabies, Parvo, Distemper and Bordatella, during the period of service. Proof of vaccinations are required.

4. Client shall provide food, treats for training, and medications as prescribed by a licensed veterinarian. The client agrees that personal items (toys, beds, leashes, and other training equipement) are provided at their own risk and may be damaged, or lost. Dog Dynamix, it's staff and trainers, and/or Lisa Lucero are not liable for damaged to, or lost personal items.

5. Please list any medical or behavior conditions known prior to the start of the Stay and Train. Failure to disclose medical, health or behavioral issues may result in immediate termination from the program. Please list any toys or items that your dog should not have access to due possibility of ingestion or injury.

6.  Dog Dynamix is not liable for any damage or personal injury caused by client’s pet(s) to persons, animals, or property while under the care of Denver Dog Dynamics. The client agrees they are financially and legally responsible for any and all damages caused by their pet(s).

7.   Dog Dynamix is not liable for illness, injury or death of the client’s pet(s) while in the care of Dog Dynamix. The client agrees they are financially and legally responsible for any illness, injury, or death incurred by their pet(s). In the rare and unfortunate event that your pet passes away in our care, your pet will be taken to a veterinarian and maintained for pick-up or further inspection, and the client will be notified immediately of the situation.

8. The client shall provide emergency contact information, and a valid credit card number to be charged in the event that the client’s pet(s) should need medical attention. Dog Dynamix will use the veterinarian of their choice for non-emergency medical treatments. Dog Dyanmix will use ACCESS (Animal Critical Care and Emergency Services) for medical emergencies. The client agrees to reimburse Dog Dynamix for any and all medical expenses.

9. A non-refundable training fee in the full amount is due when the contract is signed. NO EXCEPTIONS. Refunds are not issued due to travel plan changes for boarding clients.

10. Fee for service may be paid by paypal, cash, check, or credit card.

11.  Dog Dynamix will periodically post pictures and/or videos to the Dog Dynamix Facebook page. This serves to provide the client with records of the pet’s progress during the period of service, however posting frequency is at the discretion of Dog Dynamix.

12. If the client’s dog/s, exhibits any behaviors outside of the scope of obedience training that has not been disclosed by the client to Dog Dynamix including (but not limited to) separation anxiety, aggression, extreme fear or phobias, the trainer may alter or terminate the training program at the trainer’s discretion.

13. The client understands and agrees that dog training equipment including chain collars, slip collars, martingale collars, pinch collars, head collars, or body harnesses may be used to train their dog/s at the discretion of Dog Dynamix. The client understands and agrees that their dog/s may be trained on an electronic bark collar to curb nuisance barking while in the care of Dog Dynamix. Client understands and agrees that their dog/s are housed in crates while unsupervised for the safety of the dog/s.

14. The client grants permission for the client's dog/s to be transported in a vehicle to various training locations, including locations in the general public including but not limited to parks, hiking trails and neighborhoods. Dog Dynamix and it's trainers, staff, employees or representatives will not be held liable for damages incurred to the clients pet during any portion of transit, or while in the vehicle.

15. The Client has read and agrees to all terms of this contract. The client understands that this contract is legally binding. This contract is for the Boarding and/or Stay and Train programs for

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