If you are dealing with dog aggression, you understand the stress and anxiety it causes. Home life can become emotionally toxic for the dog owner, as they love their dog, but realize they can't go on living with their dog's behavior. The fear and frustration of dealing with the aggression may prevent the owner from meeting the dog's basic needs like exercise via walks. Don't give up. Contact us! We can help you resolve and manage your dog's aggression issues.

Treating dog aggression requires experience, and a solid understanding of dog behavior. We have treated hundreds of aggression cases, helping hundreds of dog owners enjoy their dog again. Our programs are designed to teach owners of aggressive or reactive dogs how to safely and effectively handle their dogs in stressful situations, as well as how to significantly reduce the possibility of a dog bite. 

Have you worked with other "dog trainers" in the past without success? Give us a call. Denver Dog Dynamics is interested in helping owners and their dogs, not just our bottom line. There are many dog training companies who will make promises about your dog they cannot keep. You can count on Denver Dog Dynamics to give you an honest assessment of your dog's aggression issue, and what is achievable through proper training.


We can help your dog with: 

Dog aggression

Human Aggression

  • Fear Aggression 

  • Territorial Aggression 

  • Predatory Aggression 

  • Redirected Aggression 

  • Resource Guarding 

Many dogs display more than one type of aggression. Contact us. We can determine the cause of your dog's aggressive behavior, and develop a treatment and training plan for your situation.


TESTIMONIAL - "We were working with the K9 academy that Lisa works with, and we decided to board our dogs here while on vacation so our boy could continue his training. Our male boxer/rottweiler mix was showing dog aggression, and a week with Lisa was like boot camp! His behavior was improving prior to his stay, but when we picked him up, he was practically a different dog! He has vastly improved! She is extremely knowledgeable and does great work. She also helped us by providing dog behavior videos and food advice! I highly recommend bringing any dog with a behavior problem to her. Or, if you just need a quality boarder." - Holly Lewis with Fozzie and Gabby, Denver, CO